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(Mazarine Sombre du Pré Lumeau X Narwick Silver Blue de Cathyja)

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At the death of our so cherish zouzouille, we were searched an another female. We had (well before that zouzouille was asleep for ever) said to Annick that if she foresaw a litter of blues please reserve us a female. We hoped secretly that it will happened more later than possible.
Our zouzouille had decided that she was too much tired and Annick's female had not yet made her season. On internet after different prospectings we opted for a litter of the young kenel which goes more and more popular called Le Clos des Duchesses.
Sylvie and Christophe proposed at the time a litter from Mazarine Sombre du Pré Lumeau

(Ch. Dundee Night De Florange X Irridium Et Platine De Lothlorien)

And the fabulous French Champion Narwick Silver Blue de Cathyja
( bred and owned by Catherine Ragueneau of Cathyja's Kenel)

Which imposing by his presence and his head( flash black de cabrenysset X jewel bleue du crêt du loup)

From this litter borned on February 2, 2001 we had retained Sweety Blue whom we fetched to Malicorne during the National of Breeding show of the French Collie Club. She was 2 and half months old. We kept her with us during all the week end and all those whom we meet came to caress her.

( Mazarine Sombre du Pré Lumeau X Narwick Silver Blue de Cathyja)

Is she not cute?

Since her arrival she squatted in Ramsay's teddy bear which was in no way satisfied

No I keep your teddy...

... No, it is my teddy

At the beginning the cohabitation was little hard but since everybody took their marks everything goes to the best of the world.

In more it is the whooping cough of the children

She is to beautiful, she has of whom like. We base big hopes on her for the exhibitions.

She had here 3 months of naughtiness...

Very beautiful colour also

Yes yes
You do not find that she has a glance villain?

At least she is very well-balanced of character she is afraid of nothing.

My pedigree

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